Monday, June 20, 2011

Colorado Summer

Jane and I have been back in Colorado since May 4th. After 9 months in Seattle it was nice to find our way back to our own home. You know, there's just something about being around your own "stuff." We totally enjoyed out time living in Seattle and we love the people at the Aurora church but coming home is a wonderful feeling. I still fly to Seattle on Saturdays to preach on Sunday and then I fly home Sunday afternoon. It's a nice way to spend the weekend.

After coming home I started scheduling my little projects. I've got one specific project each week plus the little things that have to be done just to keep the home place up.

Two weeks ago I was mowing the yards (mine, the next door place and the place next to it, plus the lot across the stream). As I started to ride the little John Deere back across the bridge I hit it a bit hard and the crazy thing flipped right over backwards on top of me. Luckily, I'm bigger than the mower but it still left some bruises. I had shut off the blade and naturally the thing stopped running when it flipped. After it landed on me I pushed of off to the side, got up and set the mower up on it's wheels and then hit the switch. It started and I finished mowing. That was on Tuesday. On Thursday we looked out the back windows to see a large bear strolling down toward the stream. He stepped in, took a drink and then just layed down in the water. I stepped out to grap a picture and the minute he saw me he got up and took off.

And then while looking at the internet I discovered a little Model A Pickup for sale. I contacted the owner and went to see the vehicle. He told me he was wanting to build a Rat Rod and didn't want to cut up the Model A. I had a great idea. "Would you like to take a 35 Ford truck in on trade? It would be a great candidate for a Rat Rod." I went home that night and sent him pictures. He accepted my offer.

Now I had to get a trailer, load the 35 and drive it almost 100 miles, unload the truck with his help and then load the Model A.

On Wednesday we loaded the 35 on the trailer. How, you ask? With the use of a Come-a-long. That's a cable that's attached to a rachet and for a fat guy to keep pumping that rachet until the truck was on the trailer was quite a feat. Oh, and before I even started that I was pulling the 35 with the John Deere while Jane sat in the cab on a paint bucket to steer. here's the thing. The 35 had no brakes. Once I got it to rolling she couldn't stop it. I looked over my shoulder just as she hit the back of the mower and started pushing me sideways. I thought I was going to go over once again, but I knew that if I did it now I'd get run over. The truck finally stopped rolling after she pinned me between her truck and the trailer.

Thursday we got up early and headed to north east Denver to pick up the Model A. It was a great expereince. You see, the first car I ever had was a 1931 Model A Coupe. I started building it when I was 15. It was a father/son project. My dad knew all about Model A's. I found the frame on a flat bed trailer that my uncle Wayne owned. I went and asked him if I could buy it from him and he was kind enough to give it to me. We found the coupe body and fenders for $35 dollars and a rebuilt Model A engine for $20 bucks. (Remember, this was 1963). Dad and I spent hours working together on that little coupe. My last few days as a sophomore in High School, I drove that car to school.

This little truck reminds me of my dad and the time he spent with me all those years ago. As I was pulling the batter out of it today I was wishing my dad could be here with me. I wish I had paid more attention when we were building the first one.

Well, the Model A is  a project, but not the same as the other specific projects I have for the summer. It's a project that will take some time. I may never get it finished. My Son-In-Law Josh, says that my car projects are just vehicles that I pull or drag home in order to watch the air escape from the tires. I guess we'll see. Anyway, I have a summer full of jobs and a mind full of dreams.

I love summer in Colorado.

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