About Me

I’m a 62 year old semi-retired pastor, ordained in the Church of the Nazarene. I’ve served four churches during 38 years of ministry as well as a two year stint at our denominational headquarters in Kansas City. 

I married Jane, my high school sweetheart, in 1968. 

We have two wonderful daughters who have been a great blessing. They are married to two outstanding men and each daughter has two sons. That means FOUR grandsons and they are all “keepers.” 

Staci is married to Josh Zaker, an Air Force pilot and they live in the Seattle area with Daniel and John Timothy.

Jamie is married to Andy Clay, a real estate developer and they live in the Denver area with Atticus and Conrad. 

Jane and I currently live in Green Mountain Falls, Colorado in a little valley with a mountain brook running through our back yard just five or six steps from our patio. I still preach every time I get the chance and especially enjoy serving as an interim pastor for churches who are seeking a new pastor. 

Life is Good.