Earl Pike

Pastor Earl Pike is a dear friend and co-laborer. We met back in 2001 when I was asked to participate in a little skit at a Pastor’s Retreat. Earl showed up in my place, told a few CORNY jokes and became a phenomenon. 

"My first wife ran off with that tractor salesman....sent me a John Deere letter."

Earl is so certain of himself. He has no lack of esteem. He just says things the way he sees ‘em and it’s usually so sad that it’s funny. When he sings, he always lipsyncs. He doesn’t know that others aren’t doing that too. He’s watched people sing with recorded tracks for background music and just assumed that they were just moving their lips so he started doing it too. As a result, he can sound like anyone and often does. 

One thing that I’ve noticed across they years is that Earl gets more invitations to speak then I do. 

Or if I’m invited there is often a pause near the end of the conversation and then I hear, “Oh, and do you think that your friend Earl Pike could come with you?” 

If Earl isn't coming to a city near you anytime soon and you'd still like to have a laugh - you can purchase a DVD for $10 + shipping and handling.  Email me at tdstearman@gmail.com to order.