Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Marian Jane

Oh....have I mentioned that Jane and I have a GRANDDAUGHTER? Yep. She was born on January 3rd and her name is Marian Jane Zaker. What a sweet heart. After four grandsons it's pretty sweet to have a little girl in the mix.

She turned four months old on Tuesday and she's a keeper. All four of our grandsons are live wires and I'm sure she will be too, but right now she's just the sweetest little girl. She's easy to take care of. She doesn't cry very much (and her two brothers sure give her reason). She loves to lie in her grandpa's big fat arm where she cuddles in and sleeps when she's not smiling at me and making sure that I'm aware that she's the only girl and that her brothers are hellions. 

It's also fun to watch the boys as they relate to her. They like to get as close to her face as they can with their faces. They like to kiss her and touch her. They seem to be a bit unsure of what this all means.  And daddy Josh....well, he's already wrapped. There will be no spankings for this little angel, though her brothers spend an inordinate amount of time in the "time out" spot on the bottom stair.

Do you know how good God is? Well, let me tell you about a serendipity in our lives. Staci and Josh live in Lacey, Washington and have for two years. This past September a wonderful church in Shoreline, Washington (65 miles from Lacey) asked Jane and me to come and serve as their Interim Pastor. We were able to be with Staci's family the last four months of her pregnancy. We were able to be there for the birth of little Marian Jane. We've had the wonderful joy of being with her as she grew these past four months. I got to dedicate her at the Aurora church. They were with us for Easter Sunday.

What fun.

As the father of two girls I must admit that I've had a ball entertaining four grandsons and teaching them things that mom and dad won't. Showing them how to throw water balloon, introducing them to fireworks and how to ride a wagon down the hill in front of our cabin and build a dam in the stream.

But I was missing the little girl in our lives. The pink. The frilly clothing. The curly hair. The little dolls and the tea sets.

But I'm also looking forward to teaching her some things that I taught her mom, like how to walk on stilts and how to set up a lemonade stand and pay tithe on the profits.

Marian Jane Zaker. My youngest grandchild and my little girlfriend.

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  1. You should have told about you and her "singing" together! I saw that picture on my phone today and it's just too cute. I have to her name up with the Hot Rod Boys yet?? :)