Saturday, June 12, 2010

Summertime blues

Colorado is one of those wonderful places where people like to spend their vacation. It started for me when just a small boy. We always vacationed in Colorado. Probably because my grandmother lived here. In fact, she lived just about 150 yards from where our cabin sits today. On the same stream. If you count that fact that her mother (my great grandmother) visited her and enjoyed this stream, my grandchildren make the 6th generation of our family to vacation or live on the banks of Fountain Creek.

Today as we woke up it was cold. Not cool. Cold. It has yet to break the 50 degree barrier and so we've got a fire burning in the fireplace. A light misty rain has fallen off and on so Staci's boys have been held captive in the cabin. That means that in a dwelling of about 1000 square feet there are five individuals and more toys than you can imagine. And they are all over the floor. But, the smell of the fire and the excitement of their laughter makes it a great environment. In fact, it's SO great that I've personally adjourned to my office in the garage just to let the other four enjoy the environment without my interference.

Tomorrow I am scheduled to preach in Pueblo at First Church of the Nazarene and I'm looking forward to the journey and the opportunity to make new friends there. Meanwhile, I think I'll just linger here in the garage/office for a bit longer. Let's early can we put those boys to bed?

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