Wednesday, June 16, 2010

And So It Begins

For the past 6 months Jane and I have been working on the idea of converting a non-usable car port into a master suite at the cabin. It would give us nice space for some of our furniture that's still in storage as well as make it possible for Jane to avoid climbing a narrow staircase to get to our current bedroom in the loft. However, El Paso County saw things differently. Since our cabin is virtually right on Fountain Creek, we're in the flood plain. That means no expansion. Well....we could convert the space into a bedroom if we put it on 6 FOOT STILTS. And you can't add space that has HEAT! Lord have mercy!!!

So it would seem that the project was ended. Oh, but not so fast.  The county will allow the car port to be converted to a GARAGE. Totally enclosed. A garage? Okay, I can play that game. So today with permit in hand (after 6 trips to the El Paso County Building Department) we have started construction on our new "garage." It's going to be terrific with cathedral windows in the gable and french doors leading out to the back patio.

You have to love bureaucracy.....don't you?

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  1. Oh my, you remind me of my family!! :0)Projects, permits and all. :0)