Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Grandpa's Weekend

Hello, there.  I'm Staci.  Tim's daughter.
I've been checking his blog daily, like many of you, waiting breathlessly for a new post from him.
Alas, nothing.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands and hijack his blog for a day.
(An easy thing to do when you're the one who set it up.)

Where is he?
What has he been doing??

Well, lucky for me, my dad has taken on an interim pastor position at Aurora Church of the Nazarene in Shoreline, WA.
A mere 60 miles from me!

Mom and Dad have set up temporary shop in a nice apartment within walking distance of the church.  They are spending their time encouraging and supporting the congregation of Aurora church in their search for a new pastor - and in between small groups, lunches and church services they've been taking in some of the local sights.

Hopefully, dad will share some of those experiences with you in the future.

But today I'm going to tell you what they did this weekend.

They gave my husband and I a rare weekend vacation.  
They arrived at our house on Friday afternoon amid screams of, "Gramma and Papa are here!!"  Soon after, dad was ambushed by book bearing boys and suckered into reading.  It was so fun watching him try to read around their big ol' noggins (that they inherited from him!).

Saturday morning Josh and I left for downtown Seattle for the night....but not before a comforting breakfast of Monkey Bread made my mom and her two helpers.


The rest of that day and night the kids were left to my parents to entertain.  And they did it in true Stearman style.
It's October 2nd - high time they hit a punkin patch!

Schilter Family Farm is just down the road from our house and an easy stop for the grandparents.
The following are pictures they took that I pilfered from the camera - it's always interesting to see what your kids are doing when you aren't around.

The hayride is mandatory.

I'm told John wanted no part of it - and cried quite a bit.

Daniel had no such qualms.

I'm told the slide was incredibly slick...resulting in a one time only performance by Daniel, however, the diaper John was wearing seems to have given him some cushion.

Despite his allergies Papa took them through the petting zoo.  Ducks, cows, ponies, pigs, goats...

The required punkin picking, of course...

And my mom snagged pictures of Daniel smiling!!  Something I find it impossible to do.

And one from John...

I'll have to photoshop the two pictures together.

My kids love when Gramma and Papa come to visit.  I wish you could see what great grandparents they are - as I'm typing this post my dad has cranked up the Sunday Night Football theme sung by Faith Hill and is dancing in front of the tv with the boys.  
They eat it up!!

So, this has just been a peek into Tim and Jane's weekend.  Help me get my dad back on this blog on a regular basis!

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