Monday, May 31, 2010

Walking Sticks and Hot Chocolate

Living at the cabin makes it such a fun place for grandchildren. Our little cottage is surrounded by pines and mountains. About 20 feet from the backdoor there's a small stream. It's called Fountain Creek and it flows into the Arkansas River. It's crystal clear and serves as the home for small trout. On occasion the grandsons are able to talk grandpa in to pulling out the fishing poles and it's such fun to listen to them squeal when a small fish is pulled from the water, glistening in the sun and flipping water on them. Of course, it's "catch and release" here.

Two weeks ago Jane and I were keeping Atticus and Conrad for Jamie while she was gaining extensive training for her job. We stayed in Parker at their house for the first couple of days and then brought them back to the cabin near the end of the week.

The two boys joined grandpa on a walk one morning. About one mile from the cabin there's a pond with a gazebo in the center and across the pond there's a small restaurant called The Pantry.

 It's been a favorite for years. We walked to The Pantry. Both boys had their walking sticks and their coats. It's often cold in the mountains in May. It was that day.

As we walked, Conrad fell and skinned a knee. It was deja vu. EXACTLY the experience I had with his mother when she was three. However, Conrad continued to walk...eventually was worn out....and carried by grandpa.

We finally arrived at The Pantry, sat at the counter like big boys and ordered cinnamon, raisin toast and chocolate milk.

I love making memories with my "Hot Rod Boys."


  1. I loved this story. Thanks for sharing it!

    Sandy Combs

  2. Hot chocolate after a nice hike? That's perfectly complementing. I felt sorry for Conrad, but he has the heart to finish the trek despite being wounded. Grandparents really love their grandchildren, sometimes much better than how they love their children. Haha!

    [Tristan Benette]