Friday, April 16, 2010


Blog. What a funny word. Does anyone know what it means? I’m sure that the four letters stand for something, I just don’t know what. On the other hand, blogging is something that I’ve been doing once a week for over 38 years. We just didn’t call it a blog in those days. You see, as a pastor - the churches I served always published either a mid-week newsletter or a Sunday bulletin that required a column by the pastor.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat before a blank sheet of paper and tried to decide what great words of wisdom I should pen. I just assumed that if I started to write, Niagara’s of literary genius would begin to tumble forth from my fertile mind. I was wrong. I did, however, always find something that I thought would be informative or amusing.

After becoming “semi-retired” just over a year ago I thought that those days of writing a column were over.  But with the encouragement of my oldest daughter I’ve entered the world of the blog and find myself once again sitting before a blank page and trying to think of something to write that might cause anyone to even care enough to read it.

I promise you this. I’ll do my best to update this site once a week with a story or an observation that might at least be interesting and at most, illicit a giggle. I’ll share different chapters from my own faith walk, our travels, our family and the unusual work of the church. So….check back occasionally take a short ride with me.


  1. A blog is a web log! weblog.. we blog.. blog..

  2. I will look forward to the ride...and I am also glad to know the actual definition.. ;)